Amaryllis Royal Velvet Bulbs for Sale
Amaryllis Royal Velvet Bulbs for Sale
Amaryllis Royal Velvet Bulbs for Sale

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Amaryllis Royal Velvet

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Autumn Delivery! We begin shipping in late October, which is the perfect time for planting for most zones.  

Amaryllis is a traditional Christmas flower that is best planted in late October for holiday blooms. Royal Velvet is a deep garnet flower that can bloom again and again. 

Contains 1 jumbo bulb.


growing instructions

How to Plant
Amaryllis can be grown outdoors in zones 8-11. Dig a hole roughly one each bigger than the bulb on the sides and bottom. Loosen and aerate the soil and tuck the bulb in, keeping the top 1/3 of the bulb sticking above soil level. If planting more than one space plants 12-15" apart. Water regularly until established.

Where to Plant

Amaryllis look great in a flowerbed and prefer an area that receives lots of sun, but these do like some shade during the heat of the day.

When to Plant
October to November.

Indoor Planting
If planting Amaryllis indoors you'll want to plant your Amaryllis in late October for flowers during the holidays.

To plant indoors find a well-draining pot and make sure your Amaryllis has about 1" on each side of the bulb. These bulbs are large (about the size of an big onion) and like to be a little on the crowded side when in a container.

You can use a good quality potting mix, or if you're feeling fancy make your own blend with soil, peat and perlite. Try to stay away from bark with Amaryllis.

Plant your bulb in the container with the upper part of the bulb sticking out of the soil. Keep the bulb in a sunny window and water sparingly until new growth appears. Once new growth has started to emerge water regularly and rotate the pot every 3-4 days to keep the stem nice and straight.

You can expect a bounty of beautiful flowers in six to eight weeks from planting. Amaryllis can bloom again and again, simply remove spent flowers as they fade. Once your bulb is in full bloom remove from any direct sun and keep the plant at cool room temperature.

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