Anemone Mistral Bordeaux Corms for Sale
Anemone Mistral Bordeaux Corms for Sale

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Anemone Mistral Bordeaux

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Autumn Delivery! We begin shipping in late October, which is the perfect time for planting for most zones. 

Anemones shine in the garden with their ethereal, delicate petals. Their colors range from vivid pinks, blues and reds to whisper pinks and violets. 

Anemones are grown from corms. An easy to grow variety, but timing is important. Be sure to read our when to plant section to learn the best time for your region.

Contains 20 corms.

Italian Anemones

growing instructions

How to Plant
The first step to planting anemone is to soak the corms in room temperature or slightly cool water for about three to six hours before planting. Oxygenation of the water is important, so be sure to let your faucet trickle a bit in the soaking bowl. If you cannot leave the faucet trickling, simply refresh the water in the soaking bowl every hour. The corms should swell with the soaking. Plant immediately after soaking, 5" apart, 1-2" deep, pointy side down.

Where to Plant

You can plant anemone in the ground, for best results supplement your dirt with compost. Use fresh, quality potting soil for containers. Ensure both container you're using has good drainage.

When to Plant
In zones 7-10 plant your Anemone in late autumn for early spring blooms. If you live in zones 2-6, plant in late winter or early spring, after your last hard frost. Corms can survive a light frost, but will not survive temperatures below 30 degrees. Fall planted corms bloom for about 8-10 weeks in the early spring, and spring-planted corms will blossom for about 6 weeks beginning in mid-spring. Blooms arrive generally 90 days after planting.

Additional Care Instructions
Water regularly once the foliage emerges. Be sure to cut plenty of flowers for your vases, regular cutting of your anemones will encourage more blooms!


20 Anemone Corms

in a small muslin bag with planting instructions.

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