Crocus Golden Yellow
Crocus Golden Yellow
Crocus Golden Yellow

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Crocus Golden Yellow

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The cheerful display of crocus is one of the first signs that spring has arrived. Crocus is a dainty, low growing flower that comes in an array of colors.

Golden Yellow crocus lives up to its name and puts on a dazzling show of warm yellow and deep orange. 

Contains 15 corms.


growing instructions

How to Plant
Plant corms about 2-3" deep and space about 3" apart.

Where to Plant

Suitable for zones 4-8. Crocus prefers full sun, but will tolerate a little shade. Ensure the area you pick has well-draining, gritty soil. Amend the soil with a little sand, if necessary. Any long periods of soggy ground will lead to rot in crocus.

When to Plant
Crocus needs a cold period in order to develop strong roots for the spring. Ground temps need to regularly hit 60F before you plant your crocus corms outdoors. This is generally from October to December, depending on your region.

Storing Crocus Corms Until Planting Season
If it is still too warm in your area to plant your crocus simply place the corms in a container and cover them with peat moss and store in a cool, dry and dark area. A basement or cellar makes an ideal location.

Additional Info
Technically Crocus is a corm, but some farms use these terms interchangeably. Crocus corms take on more of a traditional 'bulb' shape.

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