Erlicheer Paperwhite Bulbs for Sale
Erlicheer Paperwhite Bulbs for Sale

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Erlicheer Paperwhite

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Autumn Delivery! We begin shipping in late October, which is the perfect time for planting for most zones. 

Paperwhites have an irresistible fragrance and are a beloved holiday bloomer indoors. Most bloom within 3-4 weeks when grown indoors with traditional forcing techniques.

Contains 10 bulbs.


growing instructions

How to Plant
For outdoor planting in zones 8-10, dig a hole 3-5" inches deep and space closely for tight clustered groupings.
Most folks enjoy Paperwhites indoors because of their intoxicating scent.

Where to Plant

If planting outside make sure you select a sunny spot that drains well.

When to Plant
Paperwhites can be planted outdoors from autumn through winter in zones 8 to 10, with flowers arriving in the spring. Indoor plants can be kept in any region from October through January.

Forcing Instructions
To plant indoors simply select a vase or forcing glass, so that you can watch the roots grow and then pour pebbles into the bottom of glass vessel to a depth of 1 to 2”. Add just enough water that the it grazes the top of your pebbles and then place the bulbs on top (pointy end up). Set your container in a sunny window and in three to six weeks you'll be enjoying the heavenly scent of their fragrant flowers. Plant additional paperwhites in a new forcing container every three weeks to enjoy these cheerful blooms all winter long.

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