Fritillaria Perscia Bulbs for Sale
Fritillaria Perscia Bulbs for Sale

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Fritillaria Perscia

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Autumn Delivery! We begin shipping in late October, which is the perfect time for planting for most zones. 

Fritillaria Perscia has statuesque stalks of dainty, bell-shaped flowers. These majestic stalks reach 2-3' high in late spring. Charming hues from plum, eggplant and almost black. Also known as the Persian Lily.

These do well in zones 3-8, but will need freezing winter temperatures for spring bulbs. Perscia will spread over time, if conditions are correct. 

Contains 1 bulb.

Fritillaria Perscia

growing instructions

How to Plant
Perscia has a hole in the top of the bulb, to prevent bulb rot plant your bulb sideways. Dig a hole about 8-10" deep and tuck your bulb in for the winter. Once covered give her a long drink of water and wait for spring.

Where to Plant

Pick a spot that gets partial shade. If planting one than one Perscia space bulbs about 8-12" apart.

When to Plant
Plant anytime before the last hard freeze, but the earlier the better with this bulb. Colder ground temps encourage strong spring blooms.

Additional Care Instructions
Water her regularly in the early part of the spring, but once once established dry conditions through the summer are ideal. Once the flowers are spent allow the stalk to dry out. Once the stalks are dry, cut back the foliage and top off your bulb with an inch of fresh compost.

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