Leucojum Gravetye Giant
Leucojum Gravetye Giant

Gossamer Petals

Leucojum Gravetye Giant

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Autumn Delivery! We begin shipping in late October, which is the perfect time for planting for most zones. 

The dainty blooms of Leucojum are also known as Summer Snowflakes. Delicate and ethereal, these gorgeous blooms are sure to add cheerful touch to your spring garden. 

Hardy in zones 4-8, easy to grow and deer resistant.

Contains 10 bulbs.


growing instructions

How to Plant
Plant bulbs about 4" deep and space 5-6" apart. Leucojum looks best when grown together, so plant up to ten bulbs together for the most natural grouping.

Where to Plant

Suitable for zones 4-8. In nature Leucojum grows near meadows, where the soil is somewhat moist and they prefer partial shade. Look for a spot in your garden with similar conditions and this will be a rewarding and easy to grow plant.

When to Plant
September through November, preferably before the first hard freeze.

After Blooming
Wait for foliage to wilt and die off. Clipping back is not necessary, but if you do decide to cut please wait until the foliage has dried naturally (this allows the plant to save more energy for next year's blooms).

More Tips
Mature Leucojum does not like to be moved. When you're ready to divide, wait until early summer (after the foliage has died back). Leucojum enjoys warm climates and will clump and spread naturally in warmer regions.


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