Muscari Latifolium
Muscari Latifolium

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Muscari Latifolium

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Autumn Delivery! We begin shipping in late October, which is the perfect time for planting for most zones. 

Muscari is commonly known as grape hyacinth. They produce tiny, bell-shaped flowers and have a soft fragrance. Latifolium has a bright, cornflower blue top and transitions into a deep, rich blueberry on the lower half of the bloom. Stands about 8-10" tall.

Contains 10 bulbs.


growing instructions

How to Plant
Prepare a hole about 3" deep and place the pointy side up inside. Tuck it in and give her a nice watering and wait for her gorgeous spring blooms. Space muscari bulbs about 3-4" apart.

Where to Plant

Suitable for zones 3-9. Pick a well-draining spot that gets partial sun.

When to Plant
Muscari is planted in late autumn, any time before the last hard frost.

After Blooming
Wait for foliage to wilt and die off before clipping it back, this will help your muscari bulbs store more nutrients for next year's blooms.

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