Peony Coral Charm (3/5 Eye)
Peony Coral Charm (3/5 Eye)

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Peony Coral Charm (3/5 Eye)

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Spring Delivery! We begin shipping in mid-March, which is the perfect time for planting for most zones.  

Nothing quite compares to the gorgeous, ruffled blooms of Coral Charm. Large semi-double bowl-shaped flowers and an early bloomer. Coral Charm is one of the few peonies that do well in warmer zones like 8 (if you live in a warm region, fall-planting is advisable). 

Contains 1 root, 3/5 eyes.



growing instructions

How to Plant
Prepare a 12"x12" hole. Aerate and loosen the removed earth and add in compost or an all-purpose fertilizer. Fill in hole with the mixture and dig a new hole 8" deep. Place the peony root so the eyes are no more than 1" below the soil (eyes buried too deep will not bloom). Water the roots regularly, but do not allow soil to stay soggy.

Where to Plant

Zones 3-8. Peonies do best in areas with cold winters. If you are in zone 8, fall planting is advisable. Peonies like full sun and will not bloom as well in shaded areas. Six hours of bright sun is required for healthy blooms, so plant in a place that receives adequate sun exposure..

When to Plant
Peonies can be planted in either spring or fall. For spring peonies, the best time to plant is just after the last hard freeze. Potted peonies may be planted at any time during the growing season.

After Blooming
As blooms fade simply remove spent flowers and about 6" of the stem to prevent the peony from seeding. Keep as much foliage as possible intact so the plant can store extra energy for next season's blooms.


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