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Polite Applause Bearded Iris (Out of Stock for the Season)

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Late September Delivery! We'll begin shipping our bearded Iris rhizomes in late September, which is the perfect time for planting for most zones.

Polite Applause is a ruffled lavender beauty with some pink blushing. Hard to find Iris. 

Suitable for zones 3-10.  

Contains 1 rhizome.


Bearded Iris

How to Plant
Aerate and loosen soil to a depth of 12-15" and then blend the soil with 2-4" of quality compost. Dig a hole of about 4" deep and 10" in diameter and form a mound in the center of the hole. Plant your rhizome in the mound, just high enough that it peaks out slightly from the top above the soil line. Position roots down the sides of the mound and cover. Water the rhizome well and space about 2' apart. Iris rhizomes prefer a pH level of just slightly less than 7. Amend soil if necessary.

Where to Plant

Zones 3-10. Plant your iris rhizomes in a sunny spot where the soil is well-draining.

When to Plant
Plant rhizomes in late summer.

After Blooming
After the last blooms of the season, cut back the green foliage to about 4-6" high. Cutting back ensures your plant won't waste energy trying to maintain the leaves through the winter. You may divide your rhizomes every 3-4 years.

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